Aleksandr Verbetsky was born in the year of 1990. He was born in the country of Moldova he where lived until his family moved to the United States when he was four years old. When Aleksandr was little, his grandfather and father were both very intrigued by photography and practiced it as one of their hobbies. Therefore, it is no wonder that when Aleksandr was growing up, he had this interest as well. However, it wasn't until the year of 2006 when Aleksandr picked up his first official camera.
Within some time, photography captivated him and became one of his biggest passions, it opened doors for him. Throughout the years, Aleksandr expanded and pushed this passion and began to study photography. After he graduated college in 2010, he began to see his knowledge and passion turning into a career.

His new business allowed him to travel all around the United States where he was able to photograph weddings and families, and other special events. Although the aspect of photography was very important in the life of Aleksandr, making people happy was of greater importance. Now, much of Aleksandr’s work includes photographing families, children, weddings, pets, and other events, along with restoring old photographs from the past and creative graphic design for his clients. All of these events allow him to see what he strives for, to see memories preserved and remembered forever as well as creating new ones. Overall one may say that Aleksandr is living a fulfilling life, placing the importance of others before himself. Photography has opened up many doors in his life and with each new door is a new opportunity to connect and share something special through his love for photography.
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