Aleksandr Verbetsky Photographer | About

You came here for a reason, you want to know a little more about me. That's understandable, I mean the reality is that I just might be that stranger you decide to invite to your once in a lifetime event. On the flip side, I could be that person that you find a connection to an invite to your once in a lifetime event. Either way, you came to this page to find out briefly who I am and why I chose to be a photographer. 

There is a beauty that every single person on this planet possesses. Each individual human was first created out of the likeness of God Himself (Genesis 1:27). That already puts people on a beautiful level. Over time we tend to forget just how amazing we really are inside and out and we need a proper reflection of ourselves. Enter the photographer... Now I know that there are close to millions of photographers in this world. Each one being able to do something different in a different way. Each image always unique in its capture from the click of the shutter. Now, what makes me unique? That's for you to decide. My line of work revolves around people and their lives. It encompasses wedding vows, engagements, proposals, headshots and so much more. Always keeping my focus on people and the uniqueness of each person. That's why I love what I do and the uniqueness of this career always keeps me on the edge. 

I've travelled the globe to document people around the world. I've seen cultures combine and love blossom. People are a beautiful creation and it is such a privilege that so many have entrusted me with their precious moments. I'm honoured to be called out for your special occasions and its a privilege to serve others this way. 

Now that you know a little bit more about me I would love to see if we could become friends. Getting together over a cup to chat is one way of making it happen but I know that someone always has to make the first move. 

If you enjoy adventure and love trying something new or you love the arts and your moved by it, I think we might be on to something. I would love to get to you and your vision.

Lets connect!